HypnoFlash – Instant Pain Relief

Note: video in Polish (Michał Cieślakowski). Description of the technique in English below, along with another video with Michael Arruda showing it done (with English subtitles).

Source of description: http://www.e-hipnoza.pl/najszybsza-hipnotyczna-technika-usuwania-bolu-filmy/

I am omitting most of it, focusing solely on HOW to do it. It doesn’t rely on knowledge of hypnosis or anything else, it just requires being done properly.

How to do it?

Stand next to the person you’ll be helping.

  1. Say “I’m going to count from 1 to 3. On 3, the pain will lessen, or disappear entirely.”
  2. Make sure the person understands. Ask “Do you understand?” or “Alright?”
  3. When you start counting, extend your hand to the head of the person, your fingers near their temples, but not yet touching.
  4. Immediately after number 3, using your thumb and middle finger, shake their head quickly and decisively (but not too strongly), while at the same time giving the suggestion “Pain’s gone”.
  5. Ask them “Are you feeling better?”. If the pain isn’t entirely gone, repeat 1, or 2 more times.

Sometimes there won’t be any change with the first try. Don’t worry about it, and continue along the points.

Here is a video of Michael Arruda performing this technique:

Some points on point 4.

  • The temples should be held firmly, so that the short hand movements move the head as well.
  • The suggestion doesn’t have to be the same as suggested before counting. What matters is that it’s clear, short, and said in the right moment.
  • The most optimal shake is double, so the head makes four movements (left, right, left, right). That’s about half a second’s time.
  • The suggestion should be said spontaneously along with beginning the shake (or after), and finished along with ending the shake (or before). It can often prove effective regardless of this however.
  • With the second and third repetition it can be advantageous to change your instructions in order to get better effects. Examples: “I will count to 3, and on 3 the relief will be much bigger, ok?”, “I will count once more and on 3 the discomfort will be completely gone, alright?”
  • An additional change which you can introduce to the 2 and 3rd repetition is the change of the moment of shock (shaking) and doing that between numbers 2 and 3.

Currently, it’s proven to work in at least 95% of all known cases.

The relief lasts between 10 minutes and several hours usually, or indefinitely if the cause of the pain is gone altogether during that time (such as a hangover).

Keep in mind that pain is there in order to inform us that something is wrong. Be responsible with this.