Learn Self-Hypnosis

I will teach you Self-Hypnosis

Become who you want to be.

Imagine you could change any behavior you have right now, without having to put in very much effort.
What if you could:
  • improve your focus,
  • be more motivated,
  • remain calm and collected under pressure,
  • build better relationships,
  • get rid of pain,
  • overcome laziness, your inhibitions,
  • build better life habits,
  • and finally be who you really, deep inside, want to be?
There are thousands of people, today, using these simple techniques. They improve their memory, their communication skills, their business, relationships… some even manage their health using self-hypnosis.

Does self-hypnosis work?

Of course. But, not everyone knows how to do it at first – that’s why I’m here to show you exactly what works, and how to use it.
If you don’t know how to use self-hypnosis, by the time we’re finished, you’ll have self-control you didn’t think possible before.
All by applying quick and easy (once you know how) self-hypnosis techniques.
Here’s what people are using self-hypnosis for:
  • weight loss,
  • smoking cessation,
  • sleep problems, such as insomnia or sleepwalking,
  • chronic pain management,
  • and much, much more.
The McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine provides a very accurate self-hypnosis definition:
self-hypnosis: The hypnosis of oneself–a modality for which a person can be trained Indications Control of habits, behaviors, pain, smoking, weight; SH can be used to evoke repressed memories, experiences–Freud’s ‘abreaction’
Breaking this down into human terms:
Using self-hypnosis, you gain control over your behaviors, habits, pain, smoking, weight, and use it for self-therapy.
As far as other uses, you can get drunk at will, you can change your experience of time to be faster, or slower. You can make yourself experience imaginary events as if they are real. The possibilities are virtually endless.
And all that – in the privacy of your own mind.

For $1200 and 10 hours* of your time:

  • I’ll teach you classical, and modern self-hypnosis techniques. You’ll know, and will be able to use them anywhere, anytime, for any purpose.
  • I’ll give you a practical definition of self-hypnosis. You’ll know how to identify when you’re in hypnotic trance. No complex medical terms, no prior knowledge required.
  • I’ll show you how to start moving forward again when you’re “stuck”. Whether it’s a project or life weighing you down, you’ll be able to lift yourself back up and keep on moving.
  • You’ll learn several self-therapy methods that you can use immediately. You’ll be able to overcome any issue. Doesn’t matter if it’s anger, insomnia, weight loss, bad habits, depression, lack of motivation… you get the idea.
* The reason for it being 10 hours is specifically for practice, troubleshooting, and covering all individual questions/ concerns you might have. The actual learning time is about 5-7 hours. You’re free to use me any way you like (uhm, almost) if there’s time left over.

But you don’t get just that, you get these, too:

  • A set of self-hypnosis scripts! You can use and customize these to your needs. Simply change the suggestions around to fit your goal, and they’re ready for use!
  • A set of processes by which you can create suggestions that stick, and that you can reliably test over time.

You get a complete package, at bargain price. Here’s why:

  • You get to save time. Hypnotize yourself for a few seconds to several minutes, often with immediate results.
  • No need to do anything complex. Every process I’ll show you is simple, quick, and once you know it, you can do it on your own pretty much instantly.
  • Practice is easy. But on top of that, you’ll learn the complete theory necessary to go much further. You’ll understand both yourself, and other people better.
  • You’ll be able to run complete self-therapy processes on yourself! And apply the results you get in business, in negotiations, at home, at school, even in your private life.

With simple steps, you can enhance:

  • Your learning speed,
  • observation skills,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • memory,
  • associative (lateral) thinking,
  • and even your sex life.
If you want to learn all of this on your own… dozens of books await you. Here’s a short reading list. You’ll have to experiment yourself to find what works for you. And that costs – books and studies aren’t cheap, and time is a very limited resource.
Many of the books you might find claim that self-hypnosis requires much time and lots of repetition to work. My own experience in teaching my clients how to use self-hypnosis is a bit different.
Self-hypnosis can be fast, if approached correctly. Rote repetition, such as prescribed by Coué, simply doesn’t fit the modern lifestyle. We always have something to do, we always have things on our minds.
So instead of spending weeks and months repeating the same self-suggestion over and over again… you can reach deeper. You can find the root cause of your problems, and rapidly solve them with the hypnosis techniques you’ll learn.
And once you solve one problem, other problems start disappearing automatically as well!

Want to learn self-hypnosis?

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Once your payment goes through, I’ll e-mail you so we can schedule our sessions. Those can be over either Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Video Chat. Whichever you prefer.
In case you’re strained for time, and would like to schedule ahead, e-mail me at fb (at) hypnox.pl. I’ll update you on the soonest dates that I have open.
PS. And as a bonus, you’ll also get an instant-hypnosis trigger that you can use to put yourself into self-hypnosis in the blink of an eye. And learn the basics of hypnotizing others :)